Gallant – “Bourbon”

Virtual Reality Animated Music Video

So Meta Studios created this insane music video in Virtual Reality that you can experience if you click the button below!

The sets of the Gallant – Bourbon music video are straight from Gianpaolo’s subconscious. Gianpaolo heard this song in 2016 and it painted a scene in his mind inspired by Sigmund Freud and Salvador Dali. The landscape is a crumbling façade similar to the feeling that Gallant put into his lyrics to this beautiful, heart breaking song.

Details are paid closely attended to in the illustrated characters of the music video. Flies buzz around the gaping wounds and annoy the down trodden horse as it struggles through the desert sinking into quicksand.

New and different perspectives are offered through the experience. The viewer is able to see different points of view and even fly with the buzzards that circle above!